Sunday, April 2, 2017

Check or draw?

A white delicate king
Escaping from the  'fifty-moves'
Of a black peppy queen...!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


you hear the flutter of my eyelashes
and I see your heart on fire,
behind our frozen lives...!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Just for you

Yes ... I painted,
I painted my eyes with sky blue,
lips with wine red,
and I painted my body with
breeze green; and buried, so deep in the riverbed.

and so,
my eyes won't reflect your sky,
my lips won’t portray your kisses,
and my body won’t host you anymore;

when the river dries up just like you,
each wound you engraved, shall start to bleed,
yes…I shall bleed
and each drop will sprout into a plum tree,to blossom in white for the wind
to fruit in red for the birds
and to camouflage thorns around,
all around me... just for you..!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Language of silence

I wonder how the leaves  have learned 
the language of the wind,
the language that is mysterious to  even trees...!

Must be the same way;
that a cuckoo sings,
the spring blossoms,
the dawn kisses a dew drop,
when your sublime language of silence speaks to me.
The language which tied me to you naked,
yet unknown to me… just to me!

Now the twilight has arrived,
No more... no more, we gonna share
a word, a glance, a droplet of pain.
Still, why don’t you entrust me 
a dictionary of your language?
the language of silence
that you speak, just not to me...!…not for me to learn at this sunset,
But  to frame and hang in my living room...
the language that the wind speaks, you speak
the language that the entire universe understands,
except me..just me....!!!

My love

Profound or shallow
earnest or cold
tenderness or my hunger

I know nothing
my greatest unknown
but sinking in you like
a lively breathless pupa
For you, stepped in my wild-darkness
and called upon my name.

The whirlpool

Your fragrance (of lavenders)..
Your taste (a decade old wine)..
Your eyes (magnetic green marbles)...
Now you tell me, how do I escape ??

The Veil

Please remove not my veil..
I hide from you

I am a nomad trekking to you
dark circles under my eyes
tender heart and shivering lips..

Remove not my veil
or never escape
unfathomable love